Luke Grimes of Yellowstone Makes Me Think Casey Won’t Be the Last Dutton Survivor


Spoilers below for the mid-season finale of Yellowstone and the last episode of 1923, so be careful if you haven’t watched!

Yellowstone fans are waiting for a long wait for new episodes, which will not be in our lives until the summer. Fortunately, the mid-season finale didn’t end with some huge cliffhangers for its main characters and pretty much set the stage for Bet vs. Jamie, a battle that will most likely end in bloodshed and body. Things don’t seem so radical for Casey’s brother and sister, who is now going back to the ranch with Tate and Monica, as the latter just wants someone to call them their own at this moment. But we all know that living on Y dramatically reduces the chances of survival, and after Luke Grimes’ appearance on The Tonight Show, I’m even more convinced that his character won’t be around to take part at the end of the Yellowstone run.

To expand this thought a bit, I should also include the Dutton family drama taking place in the 1923 prequel, which is currently being broadcast on a Paramount+ subscription. So let’s break it down, shall we?

What happened in 1923?

The latest episode of the side drama “War Has Come Home” tells of the rather shocking death of John Dutton, Sr. of James Badge Dale, who was fatally wounded in the midst of a battle with Banner Creighton’s shepherds. Aside from a little bit of grief, this moment left viewers with an ongoing mystery of how this family’s ancestry is connected, especially as far as the name “John” is concerned. And it would be useless to ask James Badge Dale from 1923 about this, since he is as ignorant as everyone else in the subtleties. Moreover, he also doesn’t know what happens next in the spin-off storyline, as he wasn’t privy to the script after episode 103.

Here’s how he explained THR:

I’m going to be incredibly honest with you. I have no idea, because Taylor told me: “You can only read the first three episodes.” And listen, I like it. I’m not here. I’m dead. Other guys ask if I know about this and about this. It doesn’t matter. If he’s not on the page, he’s not on the stage. I’m going to drive to this ending, and I’m going to give everything to get to this ending, and I’ll see you later at the premiere.

Taylor Sheridan is definitely not the only Hollywood creative who chooses which content actors join. There are many directors, both on television and in movies, who give stars access only to those scenes that affect them, while hiding everything else. And if Dale doesn’t participate in later episodes, then he doesn’t need to know what’s going on in them. Which brings us back to Luke Grimes.

What did Luke Grimes say about the future of Yellowstone

Luke Grimes stopped by The Tonight Show to talk to Jimmy Fallon about traveling the country on his Airstream, as well as the debut of his new country single “No Horse to Ride” in the finale of winter in Yellowstone. When it came time to talk about the most Western drama, the actor had fewer concrete facts to divulge. As a colleague on the film Piper Perabo told in another interview, the second half of the fifth season has not yet been filmed, and the scripts for these episodes, apparently, have not yet been sent out. (Which added context to her previous quotes about not knowing where the season is going.)

But that’s not exactly what prompted me to worry about Casey. Rather, it’s how Grimes responded when Fallon asked if he knew what was “going to happen,” as he takes the leap to talk about the “end,” so to speak. According to him:

No, I don’t know. I think some of the actors know the end. Someone was told, someone was not. I don’t [want to know], and I don’t think Taylor, who writes our show, wants me to know either.

If he says that there really are actors from Yellowstone who know about the end of the show, and we take into account how Sheridan usually treats someone who finds out what information, then we can assume that these actors will be the ones who survive. in addition to the final credits of the series. And if Grimes isn’t part of that group, then that doesn’t bode well for Casey’s chances.

Now all this should be taken with disbelief, since Luke Grimes somehow did not confirm anything. And there are no hard and fast rules about how Taylor Sheridan decides to share details with the stars of her various series. So, by all means, the co-author may simply not have known exactly how Casey’s story would end, and will inform the actor later when everything is settled. Or maybe there are a dozen more reasons why the actor’s words are not a death sentence for Casey Dutton.

But then, in the scheme of things, since Tate and Jamie’s baby are the only two male heirs who eventually took over the ranch (assuming it remains in the Duttons’ possession), then it makes perfect sense that Tate will one day have to experience the tragedy of his father’s death, and it only makes sense that viewers we’ll have to watch it, because it’s an injury.

Does this theory stand up to criticism, or will Luke Grimes’ fanbase rebel if something happens to Casey? In any case, we probably won’t know for a long time. “Yellowstone” will return to the Paramount Network only this summer, although “1923” releases new episodes every Sunday on Paramount+. Go to our TV premiere schedule for 2023 to find out what new and returning shows will appear in the coming months.


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