Luke Cook from “Sabrina” in the cast of Netflix: Dynasty!


Australian actor Luke Cook joins the cast of season 4 of the Netflix series Dynasty! We give you more details.

Sabrina’s actor Luke Cook joins the cast of Netflix Dynasty season 4!

The famous Dynasty series will be back on the streaming platform soon. We will soon find our family a little disturbed but we love so much.

The Carrington clan returns with even more stories, each more amazing than the last. Bottoms, betrayals and controversial love stories … viewers will be delighted to find the dramas of their favorite characters.

You should know that the Dynasty series is a reboot of a cult soap opera from the 80s! Airing on The CW, which is also behind the Riverdale series, Dynasty’s audience scores are not that great. Eh yes !

While on Netflix, she is a huge success! Indeed the series is becoming known worldwide thanks to the streaming platform.

It is therefore quite normal that after 3 successful seasons, the series returns with a 4th which promises to be as explosive as the previous ones. The shooting of this new season took place in the fall of 2020.

However, he was not spared by the Covid-19 pandemic. Without surprise. But if we stick to the classic schedule, Season 4 of Dynasty is slated to air this spring on the TV channel.

We could therefore hope to see it on Netflix a few months later in 2021. Perhaps at the end of the summer or back to school. But what does this new season have in store for us? We tell you everything.


Our favorite actors will be making their comeback on Netflix for a brand new 4th season of Dynasty. We will therefore find Elizabeth Gillies, Robert Christopher Riley, Grant Snow or Rafael de la Fuente.

Not to mention Elaine Hendrix, Adam Huber, Sam Adegoke and Michael Michele. Just that. Daniella Alonso, Alan Dale, Sam Underwood and Maddison Brown will also be back in this 4th season.

But the series has other surprises in store for us. Indeed, actor Luke Cook would also be part of the dynasty. The actor was seen as Lucifer Morningstar in the Sabrina series.

The Australian actor will play the role of Oliver. The latter is Kirby’s ex-boyfriend. The young man is a professional photographer and arrives in town for a shoot.

We will quickly understand that he has other plans in mind! Without surprise. So, like the other characters in the Netflix series, the young man will bring his share of drama to the plot! Eh yes.

Attention spoiler! In season 3 of Dynasty, the series ends with a Hangover-like episode. Drugged, Fallon and his friends will do anything!

Sammy is even going to marry a stranger. Eh yes ! Adam reveals his dark side but will be unmasked by Anders. Alexis for his part boycotted Colby and Mia’s relationship, for fun! And Blake risks losing everything!

Finally, more good news for the fans! The Dynasty series will be renewed for a 5th season. Stay tuned, up close.


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