Luisito Comunica and Juanpa Zurita to publish a documentary


YouTube has become one of the most important communication platforms, especially for celebs’ records with their music videos and so-called influencers, who share diversity of content through their channels.

Luisito Comunica and Juanpa Zurita are the most popular YouTubers in Mexico, the first is known for his travel vlog, the second for some of his funny videos as well as some social actions and both have come together to create “Isolated”, we tell you everything about this documentary.

2020 was marked by one of the most difficult pandemics in human history: the coronavirus. Each person’s routine changed following the mandatory quarantine. Through “Isolated: A Quarantined Documentary,” Luisito and Juanpa will show life around the world in the face of the health crisis, from testimonies to cities that seem to have come out of an apocalypse.

The influencers were invited to YouTube celebs like Casey Neistat, Logan Paul, Anwar Jibawi, Abraham “Sr.cheeto” and Rodrigo “Zordor” and Alissa Strekozova, among others. They also collected testimonies from experts and health professionals who have fought Covid-19.

Both joined their talent to analyze the reality they have faced, together with their colleagues, they will relate the experiences they have lived and how their life passes under the measures of governments, the dangers and their new routine in isolation.

“Isolated” will be released on June 9, will consist of 4 episodes, which will be released alternately, episode 1 and 3 will be with Luisito and 2 and 4 with Juanpa. The documentary will travel around 30 countries and reflect on the new lifestyle in these months.

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Juanpa Zurita shared an emotional message on his Instagram account, thanking him for the opportunity to carry out a project like this. He assured that he learned a lot thanks to Luisito and it was an experience that opened his eyes in some aspects of his life and work.


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