Luis Suárez says goodbye to his teammate and Barcelona


An era ended: Luis Suárez said goodbye to his teammates and collected his things from the Barcelona dressing room; He left the Can Barça facilities with tears in his eyes, leaving behind many sporting glories.

Suárez will play from next season at Atlético de Madrid, under the command of “Cholo” Simeone, who will receive an absolute luxury reinforcement.

The truth is that Luis Suárez is a true legend of the team and it is logical and normal that it hurts him to leave: the club’s third top scorer leaves the Barça team devastated, it is fair to say that his 198 goals gave Barça a lot and although he He criticized him like no one in recent years, the truth is that his contribution was always expected, appropriate.

The Uruguayan’s great relationship with Leo Messi was what apparently cost him the hostility of the board, who also did not think that the -minimum- 20 goals per season that he contributed showed that his professionalism, dedication and form go much further of your personal relationships.

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