Luis Suarez extends his disastrous European streak away from Camp Nou


Four years, a month and a week have passed since Luis Suarez’s last goal away from Camp Nou in the Champions League. Accumulate 20 games without seeing door to door in European competition, too many for a forward of his size. If the Uruguayan goalscorer drought is a recurring theme before any match that Barcelona plays away from home, it is precisely because it remains a first level striker and has been demonstrating it since the season has started.

And that was plugged into Prague: he had transformed seven goals in the 9 games he had played and had seen the door consecutively in the last four, a performance that significantly improved the starts he had starred in the last two seasons. In addition, two had been in the Champions League, because it should not be forgotten how it was thanks to the Uruguayan goals that Barcelona saved the three points in the Camp Nou against an Inter Milan who hit first. That day he had barely finished three times at the door and managed to celebrate twice.

It was a fact for hope, especially knowing that since the goal scored in the Olympic in Rome that distant September 16, 2015 has thrown 59 times to the door without success. That is to say, it is unlikely that a forward as effective as Suarez will be so many games and use so many shots to remain empty handed. Before Slavia he played his 20th home game in Europe since his last goal. The streak did not break, although he was close to doing so because the final 1-2 came from his boots. However, the goal was at Olayinka’s own door.

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