Luis Enrique’s Routine: This Is How He Tries To Overcome His Daughter’s Death


According to the reporter Julián García Candau, Luis Enrique, how can it be otherwise, is still very touched. He says his wife is even worse.

At the end of August, Luis Enrique himself shocked the entire country by announcing the death of his youngest daughter, Xana, with only 9 years old, victim of bone cancer.

The news mourned the world of football and hit hard on the spirits, not only of the fans of this sport, but of all of Spain, impossible to get to the idea of ​​the pain that the family should be going through.

Sadness over the loss of a child is something that perhaps never gets overcome. Those who have suffered it say that it is a pain with which one learns to live each day. A month has passed since Xana’s death. The wound, as is evident, is still very open in the heart of Luis Enrique and in the whole family. But whoever was the coach of the Spanish team tries, little by little, to assimilate and cope with the absence.

García Candau has told how the former soccer player is trying to spend these days, the most difficult of his life. In addition to spending a lot of time with the family, it seems that Luis Enrique is also taking refuge in sports. He has recovered a sport that he loves: cycling. The journalist assures that it is usual to see Luis Enrique on weekends practicing mountain biking or roads near his home.

Many sports fans agree with him and even chat on more than one occasion with Luis Enrique. García Candau assures that the witnesses affirm that Lusi Enrique’s face is still the reflection of the nightmare he lives in this very delicate moment of his life.

It seems that his return to the benches will still take. Luis Enrique is not yet ready to take that step. The duel will be long and what you need now is time to heal a wound that is too deep for now.

From Vanitatis we send Luis Enrique all the strength to achieve it.

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