Luis Enrique Guzmán denies that his mother


Luis Enrique Guzmán defends himself against the strong accusations that arose a few days ago, in which it was announced that he supposedly only seeks to keep Silvia Pinal’s assets and deprive his sisters of their part of the inheritance.

“We have a very strong love and bond (he and Sylvia Pasquel). Alejandra and I grew up together so we have another bond, also a very special brotherhood in which we depend a lot on ourselves. Sylvita is much more independent, stronger and very intelligent, “he said during an interview with the ‘Hoy’ program.

In addition, the son of the actress, who is also known as the last diva of Mexican gold cinema, denied that he suffers from Alzheimer’s, assuring that it is a lack of respect that they question the health of his mother, who turned 89 last years September 12.

“She doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, that’s another outrage this lady put it because my mom doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, she does have a bit of memory problems like anyone her age. In other words, I have memory problems, even in old age everyone has them. I’m going to defend my mother tooth and nail, “he said.

And she warned that she will not have considerations with people who want to take advantage of her mother or any other member of her family: “Whoever wants to take advantage of my mother or anyone in my family, we are going to go with the knife between the teeth, that easy “.

Enrique Guzman’s son is sure that the person in charge of filtering the strong accusations against him was Mónica Marban, who has been friends with his mother for 50 years and is currently in charge of the administration of the Silvia Pinal theater located in Mexico City. , so he sent her a message:

“The good thing is that my sisters and I are together to grab you to those who are taking advantage of my mother, put them in the street and expose them like the pig vermin that they are,” she concluded.


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