Luigi’s Mansion: Poltergust 3000 Has Aspirated Dust Particles


Luigi’s Mansion: Old games tend to hide some elements that, at least normally, wouldn’t be noticed by many players. However, digging through extra menus can reveal some pretty curious things about certain items, and this is the case with Poltergust 3000 in Luigi’s Mansion.

This Monday (3), Supper Mario Broth’s Twitter profile revealed that Luigi’s equipment is able to count how much dust was vacuumed when accessing the game’s debug menu. Another detail is that there is also the possibility of seeing changes in this amount when expelling or vacuuming more. Check the images below:

Although there’s no apparent explanation, there’s a chance that this system could be used to unlock new areas or even aid in some ghost encounters, but it ended up staying in the game just as an extra for realism, apparently.

Finally, the debug menu has some other features (like some objects that could be scanned with the Game Boy Horror inside the game), and you can check some of that in the video below: