Ludwig Criticizes Logan Paul’s Response to Coffeezilla’s Accusations of “Fraud”: “A complete narcissist”


Logan Paul published a response to Coffeezilla’s accusations of “fraud”, which immediately aroused the interest of content creators who invested in this situation. Ludwig from Mogul Mail was among them as he poked holes in Logan Paul’s defense.

YouTuber Coffeezilla, who conducts in-depth investigations of various Internet scandals, released a three-part documentary in December cataloging his investigation of Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo project.

After Logan’s release, Paul responded with a series of tweets promising to “expose bad actors” and teasing his response, even inviting Coffeezilla to his IMPLAUSIVE podcast.

Finally, on January 3, 2023, Jake Paul released a 7-minute video dedicated to the controversy that arose as a result of the Coffeezilla investigation.

Ludwig broke down the entire response in his own video uploaded to the Mogul Mail channel on January 4, 2023. And he disagreed with Logan’s statements in the first seconds, when Logan pursued the authority of Coffezilla, calling him a “lopsided journalist with an agenda.” ”

“If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is an Ad hominem attack,” Ludwig explains. “Instead of arguing factual points like, ‘Hey Logan, I think the cryptocurrency you made is some kind of scam,’ he can say, ‘No, the person who is arguing with me is a complete idiot, so none of this matters, and I don’t need to argue,”which often happens in this video.”

Ludwig’s view on Coffeezilla vs Logan Paul

Ludwig summarized Logan’s response to the allegations made by Coffeezilla, claiming:

“Now I understand that Logan Paul is not driven by pure greed, because he could sell what he had in CryptoZoo to make some money.

“Now I realized that he’s just the most narcissistic person I’ve ever seen on the Internet. He just genuinely thinks he’s that guy, he thinks he can do whatever he wants, like create $120 million out of nothing.

“And he also thinks that if it fails and a bunch of people are deceived, he can also just do nothing, because it’s not his fault, it’s not his responsibility, even though he created the coin and is the majority shareholder. He’s just a complete narcissist.”

This situation is still unfolding — Logan Paul threatened Coffeezilla with legal action in his response video, but it is not yet known whether he will act on the threat.


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