Ludwig Claims Logan Paul Blew Up the “Trail of Redemption” With CryptoZoo “Fraud”


YouTube star Ludwig Agren criticized Logan Paul for blowing up his “redemption trail” after Coffeezilla revealed the confusing details of his “fraud” with CryptoZoo. He compared it to a “pyramid scheme” and said that Paul needed to “confess” his mistakes.

Logan Paul hit the headlines again for the wrong reasons after YouTube researcher Steven “Coffeezilla” Findeisen announced his CryptoZoo project. Started in 2020, it was abandoned for two years, as a result of which investors lost millions.

Now that Logan Paul is trying to clean up his image and explain what happened behind the scenes — right up to inviting Coffeezilla to his IMPAULSIVE podcast — Ludwig claims that the damage has already been done and his “trail of redemption” has been destroyed.

“While Logan Paul may have a known ability to spin things, it doesn’t seem like he has the ability to create something of value or keep his word,” he said in a December 27 video.

Findeisen revealed that CryptoZoo, according to Ludwig, was “something of a pyramid scheme,” forcing friends and family to invest first through a “soft” launch before the token was fully publicized with the announcement.

“They trade, but inside — which is legal because there is no regulation,” Ludwig explained. — But it must be illegal.

After the Zoo tokens were purchased well in advance of the “announcement,” Logan Paul exploded in private messages, saying they could have made $120 million on a $40 million deal. This confused Ludwig, as he “could not understand” the “levels of greed”.

“I’m in an amazing position because of what’s happened with YouTube, streaming and content creation,” he said. “But I’m good too.

“Once you earn $1 million, buy your dream home, get everything you want, take care of your family… why do you need more money? I can’t think about [it].”

However, Ludwig’s biggest criticism came on how Logan Paul handled the consequences of PR. He had two years to solve all the problems associated with CryptoZoo, which, despite promises, never turned into a full-fledged game, and decided to speak only after the Coffeezilla series.

“Why did someone need to make a series of three-part documents to finally admit your blunders and mistakes? He was very happy to sell his crypto eggs for $2.5 million. He was very happy to sell millions of dollars worth of CryptoZoo tokens, but he wasn’t so happy to actually get together when he needed to in a project that, in his own words, would bring money to people.”

“[It’s] very disappointing when I see someone who I thought was on the path of redemption, who has matured a bit, whose content I think is awesome.

“But it seems that Logan Paul’s main ability is to spin things, to attract a lot of attention to them… but not to finish the job and be a good, ethical and moral actor.”


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