Ludmilla enters studio to record music with Cardi B


Cardi B is really quite involved and attuned to Brazilian music and, after Anitta, the American rapper recorded with Ludmilla.

The Brazilian, who went to the United States for a series of four shows across the country, is still there in New York City, this time making connections (she met Megan Thee Stallion earlier this week) and also working. Ludmilla has realized the dream and has entered the studio with Cardi B.

“I knew my time would come, it was hard to keep this secret from you for so long,” wrote Ludmilla on his Instagram while sharing a photo next to Cardi B in the studio. “Today I fulfilled the dream of singing with the coolest rapper in the world, Cardi B. This song is so amazing that I’m looking forward to showing it to the world,” wrote Ludmilla.



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