Lucy Liu: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and I ‘Send Pictures of the Kids’ to Each Other


Stay in touch. Although Lucy Liu keeps in touch with her former “Charlie’s Angels” co-stars Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, she hasn’t had the opportunity to meet all their babies.

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“Cameron is in Los Angeles, so I haven’t seen her with the baby, but I used to go to Drew’s birthday parties with her kids, and it was a lot of fun at her house,” the 53-year—old “Kill Bill” actress told Us Weekly exclusively. On Thursday, July 14, during the promotion of the new American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card. “They are a little older than [my son Rockwell], but they can always appreciate each other.”

Liu noted that although she and her former angels “don’t catch up on much,” they “definitely get in touch with each other from time to time.”

The star of the TV series “Watching Detectives” gave birth to a son in 2015 from a surrogate mother. 49-year-old Diaz also gave birth to a daughter Raddix from a surrogate mother in December 2019 from her husband Benji Madden, and 47-year-old Barrymore shares two daughters, Olive (born in 2012) and Frankie (born in 2014) from ex-husband Will Kopelman. .

Lucy Liu at an event dedicated to the launch of the Vesta project in New York, July 14, 2022. Provided by American Express.

Liu shared that although she hasn’t met Diaz’s daughter yet, the three women are “sending photos of the children to each other” but “haven’t shared any important parenting tips yet.”

“I think they’re fine— I have that feeling,” the New York native added.

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Just this week, an insider told us that “Cameron and Benji discussed the possibility of having another child and even considered surrogacy options for a while.” Liu, for her part, said that adoption or the birth of a second child “is never excluded from the list.”

“I love children and would always like to help a child in need,” she explained. “Things are pretty settled in our house right now, so it seems like anything is possible, you know.”

As for returning to the Charlie’s Angels franchise, the Emmy nominee said she can perform tricks even better this time, given her fitness program.

“I understand my body better and what I can do,” the actress explained to Elementary. “I think at that time I was just a giant puppy with giant paws who was just trying to figure it out. But I think that now I have better control of my body and understand that it is connected to my mind, and before I just thought: “Well, physically I have to do it,” but I didn’t associate it with mental strength—emotional. strength and physical strength.”

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In addition to her fitness, the Blue Cash Everyday Card helps Liu get into her weekly routine by offering rewards and a 3 percent refund for things like groceries, gasoline and online purchases, as well as a 1 percent refund for everything else.

“Three percent of the cash I get is gold,” the Lucky Never Slevin actress boasts. “I like the idea that they understand their members [and] their families, so the reward for that and the feeling that they are valued as a customer comes first for me.”

With a report by Diana Cooper