Lucy Dacus has released covers of Carole King’s songs “Home Again” and “It’s Too Late”.


A video of the artist performing “Home Again” at the End Of The Road festival was also released.

Lucy Dacus has released covers of Carole King’s songs “It’s Too Late” and “Home Again”, as well as live performance videos.

Both songs were originally included exclusively on Carole King’s 7-inch “Home Again” package released by Third Man Records earlier this year.

Yesterday (September 28), Dacus’ version of the 1971 version of the Tapestry was released.

Earlier this month, the artist performed her version of “Home Again” as part of the secret sessions of The Line Of Best Fit at this year’s End Of The Road festival. Simultaneously with the release of her double single, this performance became available.

This is not the first time in 2022 that Dacus has offered his version of classic pop hits.

Back in July, the singer shared a cover of Cher’s megahit “Believe”, and in March she saw a cover of the young American song “Dancing In The Dark” by Bruce Springsteen at a concert in New Jersey. Taking her father on stage for a performance, Dakus called him “the biggest Bruce fan I know.”

Dakus released her third studio album Home Video, which includes the singles Brando, VBS and Hot & Heavy, in June 2021.

In a four – star review of the album , Rian Daly of NME wrote: “Dakus proves that looking back at your past can make you cringe, but there is beauty and value in these uncertain, awkward days.”

The album was followed by the release of a new single, “Kissing Lessons”. Dakus teased the song, which was made during the recording of “Home Video”, with the help of a hotline that sharp-eyed fans noticed on flyers scattered across US cities.

Along with “Kissing Lessons”, a reworked version of the “Home Again” single “Thumbs Again” was released back in June on seven-inch vinyl.


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