Lucifer’s sins stem from this character


As Lucifer fans wait for the highly anticipated second installment to emerge, some theories have suggested that this is not the first time the infamous archangel has visited Earth.

Some are convinced that Lucifer Morningstar’s twin brother Michael will be revealed as the arch-villain of the entire series when the fantasy drama returns.

Speculation has ranged from compelling to outlandish, though one fan has formulated a credible concept that could reveal several of the show’s hidden secrets.

Viewers were presented with a shocking image of Lucifer and Adolf Hitler, though the devil later admitted that he enjoyed torturing the Nazi leader when he was sent to Hell.

The fan then reasoned: “Obviously we, the viewer, see little real evidence other than the photograph of Lucifer with Hitler but it could be his twin brother.”

While Lucifer feeds on human desire, his twin brother feeds on fear, and it is unknown how powerful he may have become after reveling in human misery throughout Earth’s history.

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