Lucifer: will the devil finally confess his feelings to Chloe?


Will Lucifer finally declare his laziness to Chloe in season 5 of the series? We give you more details! Will the devil confess his love for Chloe in Lucifer season 5?

Between police investigations, romance and humor, the series has gained followers since 2016. Yet after 3 seasons, the Fox channel decided to stop production of the show to focus on other projects.

But the truth is, the ratings for the Lucifer series weren’t enough for the channel. So even though the series had a huge following, it was not enough.

The announcement was like a bombshell in the fan community. The latter then turned to social networks to make their anger known.

Later, Netflix will fly to the rescue of our favorite show! The streaming giant thus takes over in the 4th season. To the delight of Devil fans.

Today, subscribers to the platform are impatient to discover the fate of their favorite characters. And we must admit that the rest of season 5 is slow to come!

In fact, in August 2019, we were only able to discover the first part of Lucifer season 5. The first 8 episodes therefore made our mouths water but left us hungry.

But that the fans are reassured, the shooting of this second part of the season is already completed. It should therefore not be long in arriving on our small screens.

But then what can we expect from this long awaited second part? We tell you everything!


While waiting to discover the new episodes of this second part, Lucifer fans wonder if the Devil will finally declare his laziness to Chloe! Will we finally hear him say “I love you”?

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In fact, at the end of the first part, ChloƩ Decker, played by Lauren German confesses to the Devil that she loves him. She indeed plays cards on the table and confesses her feelings to him.

After Lucifer saves her from the clutches of her evil twin, Michael, the young woman tells him that she loves him. The viewers then hold their breath and the suspense is at its height.

And for good reason: the devil seems unable to say “I love you” to him in return. She then asks him if he feels the same.

“Detective, it’s complicated,” he says. Enough to make fans of the series sigh in front of their small screens! “I mean yes, of course, Chloe I …” and we’ll never get the end of that sentence!

Indeed, the episode of season 5 ends with the arrival of God on earth. Lucifer will never have the chance to tell Chloe that he loved her!

In a teaser for Episode 9 of the sequel, Chloe is worried that the Devil is missing. The young woman looks for him everywhere and fans think she is convinced he left because he was unable to tell her that he loved her.

Another fan trusts the skills of the young detective. She is sure that she will understand that something bad has happened.


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