Lucifer: Who is Rory? Meet The New Character From Season 6 of The Series!


Everything has an ending, including the Lucifer series, which has just hit its 6th season on Netflix — also its last. With her, we meet a new antagonist, Rory. Played by actress Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool and Deadpool 2), the character appears in the final season trailer showing that she intends to destroy Lucifer.

But who is Rory and why is she after the devil? Apparently, this may be the biggest challenge Lucifer has ever faced in the series. Here’s what we’ve found out about the new character that has come rocking season 6.

Lucifer: who is Rory?

Rory descended to Hell with the goal of destroying Lucifer, and to that end, he enlisted the help of none other than Dan (Kevin Alejandro) — but he’s not really helping Rory, but rather wanting to go back to Earth to get closer. from the sky.

The young woman will reveal that she is simply the devil’s daughter, Aurora “Rory” Morningstar. The half-angel, half-human girl seeks revenge because Lucifer abandoned her before her birth.

Lucifer then sends Chloe (Lauren German) on a hunt to try to find out if he fathered any children with human women about 20 years ago without her knowing it. Turns out Rory is actually Lucifer’s future daughter with Chloe.

Rory somehow managed to travel back in time to confront her father for never having been a part of her life—she was raised by Mazikeen and learned some of her aunt’s attitude. This comes as a shock to Lucifer, who insists he would never abandon his daughter as her father did to him.

When the exact date of Lucifer’s disappearance approaches, he tries to avoid whatever fate awaits him and seeks to win back his daughter. As you can imagine, Morningstar’s attempts to conquer Rory are exaggerated and not very successful, but they provide him with a way to delay his ascension to the throne of heaven.

In the end, Rory is the one who will help Lucifer find his true purpose: to become who he has long tried to be.

The 6th and final season of Lucifer premiered today (10) on Netflix and ended the series based on the DC comics.


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