Lucifer: what to expect from the next musical episodes!


Lucifer producer Mike Costa opens up about musical episodes planned for the second half of season 5. Fans have been waiting for him for months now. While the first part of Lucifer’s season 5 was released last August, viewers have yet to receive the second. Still, this is the end and everyone wants to know the outcome. The more so as musical episodes would be in this part.

But it’s all well and good to talk about the episode in which Tom Ellis will sing the song, the question is when we can see him. Because yes, the series seems to be falling further and further behind. While the second part was scheduled for the coming months, following the release of the first.

Still, Mike Costa doesn’t seem really worried. Quite the contrary. The Lucifer producer recently interviewed Express UK that they would be “on schedule”: “We’re really good and very efficient. We are on schedule. Plus, we’ve never had a late script. ”

Total intox or truth? Many questions remain on this subject. Indeed, it seems that Mike Costa is mainly trying to drown the fish so as not to disappoint the fans who have no patience at the time of writing.

But the producer of Lucifer preferred to focus on the famous musical episodes rather than on the release of part 2 of his series.


Please note, first of all, that these are not original songs. As it may have been in Riverdale. Indeed, the musical episodes will cover famous titles and Mike Costa explained why:

“The prospect of writing seven original songs was just a little too much… even for us. Lucifer is therefore going to sing along to sounds that we already know and maybe that’s just fine. In addition, this choice to cover songs, and not to write them, would have a link with the story:

“Once you see it, you will understand everything. You will understand why this is a musical and not an original sound. This is actually an important plot point. Giving the reasons for our choice not to make an original sound. ”

Before concluding by “defending” the showrunner in this special Lucifer episode: “Ildy Modrovich is a musician who was in a band at the time, in her youth. So I don’t think it’s a lack of talent or ability. Rather, it is that she made this choice because what is most relevant to history. “