Lucifer: What new character will join in season 6?


They ensure that this new character from season 6 will completely destroy Lucifer, who is it?

For a long time we have heard about the arrival of a new character in season 6 of this magnificent Netflix series, which could determine the great ending of Lucifer, making his life completely impossible.

Now it is known that this new character will be played by actress Elizabet Grullón, who through her social networks hinted at some of the details that could happen in the sixth and final season of Lucifer.

Let’s remember that Lucifer has positioned itself as one of the most successful and watched series on Netflix; a story that has made many of us love the devil himself, who apparently hides a rather ‘respectable’ side but unworthy of hell.

“Lucifer, son of the morning, I will chase you off Earth … (that’s an end for Eli!)”

It was part of Elizabeth Grullón’s message regarding her participation in this popular Netflix series, where she apparently will give life to Érika, who will endanger Tom Ellis and his partner Chloe, generating great instability.

It is worth mentioning that Elizabeth is known for her different appearances on the small screen, where we have seen her work in great productions like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” to name a few.

What will happen in season 6 of Lucifer?

And although it is not yet known specifically what will happen in season 6 of Lucifer, it is expected that several of the questions that were generated in the previous installments will be answered.

Let us remember that a few weeks ago through Somagnews we learned that they had resumed filming this Netflix series, after being paused by the confinement of Covid-19.

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