Lucifer: Unknown things about Tom Ellis!


You don’t know everything about Tom Ellis. The Lucifer actor is full of surprises. We give you some unknown information.

You love Lucifer, so do we! So we give you some information about its main actor: Tom Ellis. But some are very little known to the public. However, they are all very funny. We will reveal a little more to you.

The actor has a twin sister! Surprising isn’t it? As in the series, Tom Ellis has a twin. And besides this one is called Lucy. Very close to Lucifer, don’t you think? Serendipity ! In any case, the actor is the only boy in his family. Indeed, he has three sisters.

The Lucifer actor is a musician. You’d guess it when you saw him play the piano on the show. So this is for real. And this thanks to his mother who was a music teacher. But besides playing the piano he can also play the trumpet.

Tom Ellis is very good friends with James McAvoy, an actor from Split for example. He met the actor in theater school. But funnier, James is the one who introduced Tom Ellis, his wife. He was also her witness at her wedding. Crazy right?


Funnier, Tom Ellis would barely read Lucifer’s script. Apparently, he would have simply read ten pages of the series. That would have been enough for the actor to convince him to play the part of the Devil himself.

So much so that the actor didn’t even know this series was based on a comic book. In short, some rather funny little information about the Lucifer actor. But we would now like to know when part 2 of season 5 will be released.

Because for months, the fans wait impatiently. But as of yet, Netflix has yet to announce a release date. We will therefore have to wait a little longer to savor the rest of the adventure.


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