Lucifer: Top 5 Characters Who Deserved A Better Ending!


The Lucifer series is going to end very soon. We reveal to you the characters who deserve a better ending in the Netflix show.

In a few months, Lucifer fans will be able to see the rest of season 5. Characters in the series deserve much better ending and have been somewhat abused in the series. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

There are characters who suffered a lot in Lucifer. Fans of the series got to see the first part of Season 5. It was full of action and ended with a big cliffhanger. So, the audience can’t wait to see the rest of the season and learn more about God and Michael.

The actors are currently filming the episodes of season 6. This season will mark the end of the series with Tom Ellis and the fans are expecting a lot. Indeed, they all hope that Chloe and the King of the Underworld have a happy ending. However, showrunners haven’t always been nice to characters.

In Lucifer, fans got to meet Charlotte. The devil’s mother took the body of the human and did not hesitate to steal her life to be closer to her son. She wanted to enjoy life on Earth and had to be very discreet. Charlotte had gotten very close to Dan by the way.

This character had a sad end since Charlotte died trying to protect Amenadiel against Cain alias Marcus Pierce. The woman was in Heaven anyway, but deserved a much better ending in the series. The same goes for Dan, Chloe’s ex-boyfriend.


Fans have been following Dan, Chloe’s ex and Trixie’s dad for several years. The cop never really got along with Lucifer. Thus, he was subject to many mockeries, but also low blows. Dan hasn’t always been an honest man, but he is trying hard to be one on the show.

Yet, he lost Charlotte while he loved her and recently got manipulated by Michael. Dan has since known the true nature of the Devil and may have a hard time getting used to it in the rest of Season 5. In other words, this character is not yet finished suffering. Maze is also a character who deserves much better in the series.

Maze has always been Lucifer’s right-hand man and suffered a lot because of him. She had to face his multiple shenanigans and yet did everything to remain loyal to him. To the point of having come to Earth when she did not want to live there. She eventually got used to it and made new friends. Still, fans are hopeful that she will eventually fall in love after her breakup with Eve …

Ella Lopez is adorable in the Netflix series and worships the devil. Yet, she seems to have a real problem and never manages to fall in love with the right person. Not long ago, she discovered that her darling was a serial killer. Finally, Chloe has also suffered a lot and has recently been manipulated by Michael. Thus, fans hope that she ends up in a relationship with Lucifer and that she will have a happy ending.


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