Lucifer: Tom Ellis Would Accept to Participate in Marvel and DC Movies


Lucifer: Actor Tom Ellis, protagonist of the Lucifer series on Netflix, said he is open to invitations to participate in big-screen adaptations of superhero comics. In an interview with IMDb’s talk-show Fan Questions, he discussed the possibility of being part of both Marvel and DC multiverse films in theaters, but did not share a specific character.

“Absolutely [I would]. I think most actors, if you asked them, would say ‘yes.’ commented in a hopeful and excited tone.

Remember that the attraction of streaming is based on comics released by Vertigo, former label of DC Comics that brought more adult content. Check out the complete conversation below, full of trivia:

Regarding an eventual crossover of the devil with Casa das Ideias, Ellis answered about a possible meeting between Lucifer and Loki. The actor recalled that he previously worked with Tom Hiddleston — star of the Disney+ title — on The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (2001), and, as far as he knows about the god of cheating, he can imagine some kind of link between the two.

Lucifer will be back on Netflix on September 10, with his sixth and final season consisting of 10 episodes. The conclusion of the last year surprised fans and raised expectations around the development of the story, which promises to change the responsibilities the character will have in his final arc.


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