Lucifer: Tom Ellis Talks About The End of Season 6 and Opens His Heart


Fans are already homesick. Lucifer made it to his 6th season, the last, which made its debut today (10), on Netflix. Tom Ellis opened his heart in an interview with the American website CBR. The actor told details of the end of the plot and how the character influenced his career and personal life.

Check out the best excerpts below!

Ellis said he has no grudges with Fox, as without Fox the show would not exist. For him, the fact that the series went to Netflix, an international platform, helped, as all subscribers watched it at the same time.

The actor also spoke of the surprise renewal for season 6: “I was shocked, to say the least, because at the end of filming for season 5, I was pretty exhausted. I put everything into it. It’s like running a marathon and then someone say, ‘There’s another 10 miles.’ I was like, ‘What?'” said Ellis, who later understood the purpose of last season: to show a new dynamic between himself and Chloe.

Speaking of the detective, Ellis said the problem with the two is that one of them was always ready and the other was not. But love was always there: “We found them cemented in their feelings for each other.” For Ellis, the big question is “what are they here for?” And last season brought answers with the new character, Rory, who forces them to think about the future.

About the animations present in season 6, Ellis said they left him delighted — the actor personally participated in the creation process. Another very present point in the plot is the music, which remains strong in the last season.

The actor confessed that his favorite episode of Season 6 is “Hazy Shade of Winter”: “There were some very real moments where I said goodbye onscreen to actors I would never work with again on this show. There was so much genuine emotion running it all through. the episode,” he revealed.

On the episode “Goodbye, Lucifer”, Ellis revealed that he tried not to learn the lines too well so that the moments were as genuine as possible. “I wanted Lucifer, for the first time, to really get what he wanted to say,” he stated.

What about personal life? Lucifer’s interpreter said the protagonist was his greatest life’s work. “I loved every minute of playing the character,” he revealed. “I don’t think I’ll ever have the opportunity to play such a multifaceted character, in such a textured show, where we can do so many things. That, to me, was amazing,” Ellis concluded.

The latest season of Lucifer is now available on Netflix.