Lucifer: Tom Ellis leaves the moment on the recording set


During a question-and-answer video on the StageIt portal, actor Tom Ellis, who plays the infamous Lucifer on the Netflix series, admitted that he left a small reminder to the production design team on the set, an item in his collection.

“There is a golf trophy that I won … playing against some team members and Dennis Haysbert [who plays God],” said Ellis. The revelation came after questioning whether there were any items present in the series scenario that he would like to keep after the end of filming.

“I would obviously love [to have] one of Lucifer’s pianos,” he commented. The character is well known for his very exquisite costumes. The Lucifer series, from Netflix, even, has scenarios very well constructed, in general.

Currently, fans are waiting for the release of the second part of the 5th season, which is due to be streaming soon. With the official announcement of the end of production in the 6th season, expectations are high for the outcome.

Lucifer: series is based on a comic book character

Many don’t know, but the Netflix series is based directly on DC Comics’ Vertigo label comics, created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg.

The character was introduced to the stories of Sandman – who will also win a series by the streaming giant – and gained popularity among fans of the narrative.

Initially, the production belonged to Fox, but after the cancellation announcement, it was saved by Netflix. Since then, the public has been watching new adventures involving all these characters.

In addition to Tom Ellis, the cast also features Lauren German, DB Woodside, Rachael Harris, Kevin Alejandro, Lesley-Ann Brandt and Aimee Garcia.

Let’s wait for news!


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