Lucifer: Tom Ellis exposing his muscles on the Web!


Tom Ellis has been playing in the Lucifer series for several years. The actor showed off all his muscles in a tight T-shirt on Instagram.

Tom Ellis is very successful in the Lucifer series on Netflix. The actor goes out of his way to keep in shape and wowed his fans in a super tight T-shirt on Instagram.

Tom Ellis knows how to charm his followers. The actor first rose to prominence in the Lucifer series several years ago. For more than five years, he has put himself in the shoes of the devil and has met with enormous success. In fact, fans recently got to see the first part of Season 5 on Netflix.

With Covid-19, production seems to be falling behind and no one knows when the sequel will arrive on the chain. In any case, the next part promises some nice surprises since new characters have arrived recently. Indeed, God, the father of Amenadiel and the devil has entered the series.

At the moment, no one knows the intentions of this character. Nevertheless, Lucifer has been on the cold for many years with his father. Thus, the public can already prepare for a nice confrontation. Then, above all, it could be an opportunity for the two characters to reconcile.

Netflix has already renewed the series for a season 6, and it will mark the end of the devil’s story. Tom Ellis is currently on the set for the next season. The actor appears to be in great shape and has been the dream of his fans on Instagram recently.


Tom Ellis has a strong power of seduction and he has shown this several times in Lucifer. Indeed, the 42-year-old actor has appeared shirtless several times in the series. What to give fans a little glimpse of his muscular body. Nevertheless, the actor seems to be very careful with himself and does a lot of sports to keep fit.

When Tom is not on the set, he does a lot of sports, even on weekends. So, Saturday, January 23, the actor posted himself in the middle of a shoot on Instagram. We find him in a very tight T-shirt and the garment highlights all his muscles. Then, fans can mostly see his muscular arms.

Tom Ellis has beautiful pecs and must have made the canvas blush with his shot. He seems to have set up a small gym in his home so that he can work out whenever he wants. However, like everyone else, the actor needs a little motivation and can count on his personal coach.

“I’m getting back to it with Paolo Mascitti,” he wrote on Instagram. The Lucifer actor picked a very good coach in Los Angeles and we can imagine he was happy with the results. In any case, he is showing himself more muscular than ever and the devil is not going to disappoint fans in the next season!


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