Lucifer: This other show’s Lucifer is better than Tom Ellis’s character


Lucifer came to an end with the sixth season which appeared on the Netflix streaming platform in the first days of September. It was a devastating send-off, one that left fans wanting to see more stories from his favorite characters in an upcoming installment, but was planned by the writers of the supernatural drama.

The series starring Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar from the first season, since it first appeared on the screens in 2016, earned the praise of critics and the immense support of millions of viewers around the world, who saved the series together. to Netflix, after it was canceled by Fox when it only had three seasons under its belt.

It is important to note that Lucifer Morningstar is inspired by the character created by Neil Gaiman for the comic book run of The Sandman; And the success of the television adaptation was not only due to the narrative of the program, but also to the excellent interpretation of each of the characters of it, including that of Ellis.

The Netflix series for its six seasons focused on Lucifer Morningstar, telling the story of how the fallen angel came to earth trying to find out who he really was. The character, with ease and in a charismatic way, was related to human beings, while fleeing from the complicated relationship that he maintained with his father, his God, throughout his eternal life.

Fans know that Tom Ellis’s character isn’t the only Lucifer to have appeared on a television show. The CW suspense series Supernatural, which ran for fifteen seasons until the end of 2020, also featured its own version of Lucifer as played by Mark Pellegrino; And according to the CBR website, the latter is better than the Netflix drama for different reasons.

According to the comparison, Netflix’s Lucifer and Supernatural’s are completely different, because the former spent six seasons figuring out who he was, while the character from the other show already knew from the beginning, plus he had more time to develop his own version.

The site also argues, that in Supernatural Lucifer has more opportunities to show the villainous side of him, while the one played by Tom Ellis for the Netflix series is just a misunderstood angel with serious problems with his own father. Now, it would be interesting to wait for the arrival of The Sandman series that is currently filming, to see how the story arc of the new Lucifer that will be played by actress Gwendoline Christie unfolds.