Lucifer: second part of season 5 gets debut date on Netflix


This Monday (29), the Lucifer series page on Netflix was updated with the premiere date of the new episodes of season 5.

According to Whats On Netflix and the series’ own official Twitter, the eight episodes of the second part will debut on the platform on May 28, 2021. The date was “disclosed” by Netflix, which apparently mistakenly placed on the display. series this Sunday. However, shortly afterwards, the information was deleted from the website.

However, the information was officially confirmed today on Twitter.


What to expect from the second part of season 5 of Lucifer?

In an interview with TV Line, DB Woodsie, Amenadiel’s interpreter on the series, talked about what the audience can expect from the next episodes and guaranteed that the re-opening will be a real chaos.

He states that the premiere will begin literally seconds after the final episode is completed. “When God comes, it will be real chaos,” said the actor.

Woodsie also spoke about his character, saying that Amanadiel is absolutely enlightened because God saw him behaving in a relaxed way, just like his brothers.

He adds, “As the eldest, he really should be the one who sets the example – and he was not doing that! Maybe he misses some points as God’s favorite ”.

Among the cameos in the second half of the season are Dennis Haysbert, who will continue to play God, Alison McAtee, as Elizabeth Newman, and Catherine Dent as Dr. Alice Porter in a completely musical episode.

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Netflix has already renewed Lucifer for a sixth season – which will also be the last of the series. However, the final episodes are expected to debut on the platform only in 2022.


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