Lucifer season 6: Trixie back in the next season?


Season 6 of Lucifer is in full preparation. Many fans are wondering if Trixie will be present in the final season.

Lucifer fans can’t wait to see the rest of Season 5 on Netflix. The cast is currently filming season 6 and Scarlett Estevez should be present in the final season. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Trixie back in the final season? A few months ago, Netflix put the first episodes of Lucifer season 5 online. Fans got to see Chloe again with a broken heart after the devil suddenly left. Indeed, the latter chose to return to hell so as not to put his friends in danger.

Thus, the public was able to meet Michael. The devil’s twin brother arrived on Earth and didn’t hesitate to impersonate him. So he got very close to Chloe, but Amenadiel and Maze did not fall for the trap. Yet Michael still managed to sow discord in the King of Hell’s entourage.

Michael has revealed Lucifer’s true nature to Dan and the policeman is in shock. Then, he also manipulated Maze by promising to find her a soul if she rallied around him. The demon does not trust anyone anymore and feels abandoned since Eve left. So she sided with her.

However, the fans were treated to a great battle in the mid-season finale. The character of Tom Ellis faced Michael, but God made a surprise entry. At the moment, no one knows why this new character is on Earth. We will therefore have to wait a little longer to find out.

Lucifer season 6: Trixie back in the next season?


Lucifer fans must be patient before they can see the rest of season 5. And for good reason, because of the Covid-19, the series is late and the episodes are not ready. Thus, Netflix has not announced a release date. For their part, the actors are in the middle of filming season 6.

The final season may well have some nice surprises in store for fans. Still, they are worried about Trixie’s future. Indeed, actress Scarlett Estevez has just landed a role in the Disney series Ultra Violet & Blue Demon. So the girl has a busy schedule and could give up on Trixie.

However, Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, the showrunners wanted to reassure everyone. The actress will be featured in season 6. “The fans will always get their fix of Trixie. We love Scarlett and we have to work things out a bit to continue the story of our future President of Mars, “they told CBR.

So good news for Lucifer fans. Trixie will continue to support Chloe, but especially Maze in the rest of the episodes. The two characters make a beautiful duo and fans love to see them together.


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