Lucifer: Season 6 of The Series Will Jump in Time; Know More!


Lucifer:  According to international press polls, Lucifer’s 6th season won’t kick off exactly as fans of the production imagine. Apparently, a jump in narrative time will leave the end of season 5 and the beginning of the new wave of episodes somehow disconnected.

The series, which is expected to return to Netflix on Sept. 10, will show a story somewhat different from what viewers have seen previously. While this time gap isn’t all that big, it will have a significant impact on the plot, causing Chloe (Lauren German) to have several questions regarding Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) actions.

It’s worth noting that, in recent weeks, the creators of Lucifer and the main actor revealed some precious details about what’s to come in the final season during an exclusive panel of the series at Comic-Con at Home 2021. On the occasion, Ellis took the opportunity to say that very emotional moments should fill a good part of the new episodes.

“It’s that classic thing of being careful what you want, because Lucifer was convinced of a lot of things that happened in season 5,” he revealed. “But when something you really want really happens, in many cases it can be quite different from what you expected. So that’s the kind of puzzle the character is going to encounter in season 6,” he explained.

Lucifer: what to expect from the last season of the Netflix series?

According to Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, who act as showrunners for the production, in season 5 of the series there was a lot of maturing around the main character.

“A lot of the history of these episodes has shown that Lucifer was maturing and growing, so there’s still a lot to be explored in that direction, because when we get to the point where it feels like it’s all over, there’s actually a lot of dilemmas as well,” said Henderson.

“With Lucifer, it’s always a step forward, two or three steps back,” Modrovich added on the subject. In this way, both ensure that the main couple will still have to overcome several obstacles in season 6.

Be sure to check it out! New episodes of the series hit Netflix on September 10th.


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