Lucifer season 6: Lucifer’s sister is coming to the drama!


Season 6 of Lucifer still has surprises in store! Fans should meet another of her sisters: Rory is coming!

In Lucifer’s family, I therefore ask for a new sister… After Azrael, season 6 should reserve a new surprise for fans: Rory! The younger sister could also come and put her two cents in …

Because the whole family seems to meet on earth! The devil was the first to arrive. But Amenadiel joined him, before Uriel sought to send him back to the Underworld. And also (and most importantly) that he doesn’t try to kill Chloe.

But the list doesn’t end there! We thus discover that Azrael, angel of death with a destructive dagger, often came to make friends with Ella … So everyone comes to join Lucifer, like Michael, who came to rot his life.

But the Devil’s twin has not yet left the earth. As a heavenly fight is fought in the middle of the police station, God comes. The Father of all creation therefore completes the list of the Divines who have arrived among humans …

So was Ragnel, tasked with kidnapping Amenadiel and Linda’s son Charlie. But in all this small family, there are still people missing! It would seem that Lucifer meets another of his sisters during season 6: Rory.

Younger sister of the Devil, Rory has not yet tried to ruin her new life on earth … But the character custom-made for Brianna Hildebrand, an actress seen in both Deadpool films, may make her miss her family again!

Lucifer season 6: the younger sister of Lucifer arrives in the series!


Like all the family before her, Rory will be there with one goal: to watch the Devil. And why not, if she succeeds, push him back to the Underworld, where his throne has been waiting for him since season 1 … Even if he made a brief stint in season 4.

Rory will therefore put himself in Lucifer’s paws. But according to the official character description, she may also add her own twist to the series! Because she seems quite far from the characters of her brothers and sisters.

Between an Amenadiel always square, a Devil always in excess, a somewhat lost Azrael and other brothers and sisters very attached to their wings and to their mission, Rory risks changing the situation a bit.

It does indeed seem very fanciful! Described as “angry”, “rebellious” and “ready to sow trouble”, Rory could well come to compete with Michael in the list of people who came to upset the quiet daily life of Lucifer.

It remains to be seen the arrival of this new protagonist in season 6 of the series. But in the meantime, we will have to see what quagmire it will set foot in! Because Netflix has not yet announced the end of season 5. But a heavenly fight is still underway!


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