Lucifer: Season 6 is named for the final episode revealed


A recent photo posted on Instagram by producer and screenwriter Ildy Modrovich showed new details about Lucifer’s sixth season. In the image, captured behind the scenes of the filming, which also features coshowrunner Joe Henderson and actress Lesley-Ann Brandt, it is possible to see the title of the final episode of the series.

“Partners’ Til the End” does not yet have a release date announced by Netflix. In fact, the streaming giant will still premiere the remainder of Lucifer’s 5th season on May 28. The expectation of the fans has been gradually increasing with so many news related to the backstage of the series.

Season 6 of Lucifer promises to deliver a satisfying ending to the series

Through Instagram comments by Ildy Modrovich, who also acts as Lucifer’s coshowrunner, many fans have come to speculate about what the future holds for Netflix production.

It is worth mentioning that, within the universe of the series, there are several pairs to whom this title could refer directly. Perhaps the most anticipated is the couple formed by Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Their relationship grew significantly over the seasons until it developed into something romantic, in fact.

So far, all the clues revealed by Lucifer’s team point to a very exciting conclusion for the series. Recently, also on social media, the cast said goodbye to the characters with very deep messages and Tom Ellis took the opportunity to talk about the production scenario during an interview.

Thus, we can only wait for the episodes that complete the series’ fifth season and the long-awaited announcement of Lucifer’s sixth season to be made available. Stay tuned!


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