Lucifer: Season 6 Has First Image Rreleased by Tom Ellis; Look!


Lucifer: This Thursday (22), through his official Instagram account, actor Tom Ellis, interpreter of the title character of the series Lucifer, published the first image of the 6th season of the production. However, the new batch of episodes from the show is expected to end the narrative on Netflix only in 2022.

In the photo, Ellis appears quite elegant, writing in the caption that very good things are to come. However, because of the car he’s leaning on, reminiscent of the classic DMC DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy, many fans speculate that Lucifer will take a trip through time next season.

In previous interviews, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, producers of the series, hinted that the last episodes of the production would be different from anything they had presented so far. “Season 6, in part because of the coronavirus pandemic, has become much more intimate,” Modrovich told Collider.

“But also because we knew we had done something truly spectacular before. We didn’t want to simply outdo ourselves and just be a bunch of empty action,” she added, citing Part 2 of Season 5, released in late May 2021.

Lucifer: What to Expect from Season 6 of the Netflix Series?


Many emotions await viewers in the last season of Lucifer. The episodes should directly follow the narrative presented in Season 5. Those who follow the series, realized that Lucifer made his last sacrifice to resurrect detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), his great love.

With this action, he was able to redeem himself with God and became his successor. Even though things went well for the character, there’s still a lot to be explored about his relationship with Chloe, especially when it comes to their feelings for each other.

In this sense, the vehicle that appears in the image of Tom Ellis can even mean a new way to impress your beloved, given the personality of Lucifer Morningstar.

What will happen? So don’t miss it! Lucifer is expected to return to Netflix next year.


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