Lucifer season 6: a satisfying or frustrating ending? Tom Ellis gives his opinion


The release date of season 6 of Lucifer is known: it is this Friday, September 10, 2021 that Netflix will put online the last episodes of the series. And while the end is still very mysterious, Tom Ellis confided in his subject and delivered his feelings. Warning for spoilers.


A faithful end to the series?

The wait is about to end. It is this Friday, September 10, 2021 that Netflix will put online season 6 of Lucifer, which will also be the last of the fiction. At the moment, we do not yet know if a happy ending awaits our favorite characters, but Tom Ellis has entrusted it to EW, he is particularly proud of the imagined conclusion.

“I really hope that everything we’ve done so far has been honored, but I have a feeling that we have,” said the comedian, relieved that the team of the series never rushed to imagine these last episodes. On the contrary, this season 6 was precisely slow to emerge in order to allow everyone to think through the smallest detail, “We talked at length about how we wanted to finish the series. And the best way to get there. And to all these things “.

Tom Ellis proud of the conclusion

Discussions that were both long and intense for everyone involved, “It was an interesting moment because we were all so invested in these characters and this series that we really cared to do the right thing”, which obviously went downhill. achieved their goal. If the actor is now eager to hear from the public, he is nevertheless already happy with what has been done, “I have the feeling that we have gone where we need to go, and I firmly believe that our fans will feel the same. I think we have a lot to be proud of.

Encouraging remarks which, we hope, will be verified during the viewing.


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