Lucifer season 5: will Dan find the devil in hell?


Lucifer season 5 is eagerly awaited by fans. Dan could soon die and discover the true identity of the devil in hell.

Lucifer fans can’t wait to see season 5. Everything suggests that Dan is going to die and that he will meet the devil in hell. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

For several weeks, Lucifer fans have been watching for the announcement of the season 5 broadcast date on Netflix. This new season is eagerly awaited and everyone is wondering what will happen.

And for good reason, in the final of last season, the devil kissed Chloé and he finally confessed his feelings to her. However, Ezekiel’s brother had to return to hell so as not to endanger humans.

Thus, the fans will see Chloé with the broken heart in season 5. Then, everyone wonders how Lucifer will manage to return to Earth.

We already know that someone is going to visit the devil in the new season. Besides, fans have many theories and they think it is Dan who is going to die and discover the real face of the devil.


Fans of Lucifer examine all the photos from the shooting of season 5. So, they think they have seen a picture where Dan is suffering and is about to die. The police could therefore be killed at the start of the new season.

However, if this happens, the latter will end up either in Heaven or in Hell. So fans already think that Dan will cross paths with the devil and find out his true identity. It may well come as a shock to the policeman!

On Reddit, fans believe that Dan will end up in hell. However, for this to happen, he would have to do something terrible. So, we still have trouble imagining this scenario.

Nevertheless, it would be funny enough to see Dan’s reaction to Lucifer in season 5. In any case, the fans must already prepare for the worst because Chloe’s ex seems to be in huge danger.


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