Lucifer season 5: sequel in February?


The sequel to the fifth season of the Lucifer series available from February on Netflix? We tell you more. Will Lucifer’s Season 5 sequel be available on Netflix in February?

Fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the sequel to Lucifer Season 5. Unfortunately she is not about to arrive!

We hate giving you bad news, but this one won’t make you happy. Indeed, the sequel to the streaming platform Netflix does not intend to unveil the sequel to the series.

In fact, the streaming giant has already unveiled the list of its programs for the month of February. And the Lucifer series is not one of them!

Although this is disappointing, it is still not very surprising. Indeed, several series and film shoots have been disrupted by the health crisis.


It must be said that fans of the series thought that Season 5 will never happen. Fortunately for them, Lucifer and his gang returned for a 5th and final season.

The first part was also unveiled in August 2020. We therefore expected to see the rest 6 months later.

This is usually the expected time to get the rest of a season. But nothing goes as planned. Without surprise !

Thus, we should have had the opportunity to see the last episodes of Lucifer in February 2021. But it will not be.

For the moment, it is impossible to know when Netflix will decide to unveil the rest of the series. Besides, after the past year we should not expect to see her at the start of 2021.

Rather, it is believed that the end of the series will air in the spring. Maybe in April 2021, if we’re lucky.

In the meantime, you can always watch old episodes again, so as not to lose track. Case to be continued.


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