Lucifer season 5: season finale may be recorded soon


The first part of season 5 of Lucifer was released on Netflix on August 21 and since then fans have been demonstrating in search of continuation. Unfortunately, like many other series, Lucifer’s production was paused momentarily as a way of decreasing the chances of contagion due to covid-19. However, the end of that interval may be closer to ending than we think!

According to the data released by TV Line, the expectation is that Lucifer’s production will return from September 24, during which time they should record the 16th and final episode of the season. The first half of Lucifer’s fifth season can be marathoned on the streaming platform while the conclusion still has no release date.

What is the future of the series?

Lucifer fans have already faced a long roller coaster ride over the end of the series. It was canceled, then saved by Netflix and was due to be finalized in Season 5, but the deadline was postponed a little more.

However, it is now confirmed: Lucifer ends his 6th season. After the finalization of the current season finale, the outcome should begin to be prepared immediately, heading for the inevitable end of the production starring Tom Ellis and which has won the hearts of the public.

In the first part of season 5, which consists of eight episodes, it is possible to see more closely the relationship between Michael and his twin brother, in addition to witnessing the shocking discovery that Chloe faces, taking some time until she recovers again.

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In the same vein, Maze finds out that Lucifer lied to her about something gigantic for years and Amenadiel needs to face some difficult facts in relation to Charlie.

All this and much more happens only in the first episodes of season 5, imagine what is being prepared for the season finale! Lucifer is available on Netflix.


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