Lucifer season 5: Netflix, Lucifer and Miguel


The first eight episodes of season 5 of Lucifer released by Netflix on August 21 are giving a talk. The relationship between the King of the Hells and Chloe is on fire, the script is great, the jokes are funny and the series seems to have kept its original “footprint”.

To further spice up the scenes, which are even demanding divine intervention, Netflix released a video with a compilation of the best moments of the first part, highlighting the direct confrontation between Lucifer, the angelic demon, and Miguel, the infernal angel.


Anyone who has seen the first episodes can hardly wait to watch the second part of Lucifer’s 5th season, which will start with the chapter “Family Dinner” and a special addition during the family dinner.

It seems that Father Kinley’s prophecy is already coming true. He said, “When the devil walks on earth and finds his first love, evil will be unleashed throughout the world.” We thought that evil was Lucifer himself, but from what we can see, Miguel is the real “plague” of prophecy.

As the celestials fall for the beat, we look forward to the final eight chapters.

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