Lucifer season 5: Michael reveals the devil’s face to Dan


Why did Michael show the face of the devil to Dan in Lucifer season 5? Attention spoilers! Why does Michael reveal the face of the devil to Dan in Lucifer season 5?

The producer of the series Lucifer decided to reveal why it was time for Dan to discover the face of the devil. Indeed, the latter ended up knowing the whole truth.

But in a way that the fans didn’t necessarily imagine. In season 5 of the series, Lucifer’s twin brother makes his debut!

And it must be said that Michael arrived with an idea in mind: to sow chaos! He will succeed so well that God himself had to come down to earth to calm his sons.

But thanks to his evil plans, Dan also ended up discovering the true identity of the devil! Mike Costa, the director of the series, explains how he set up the biggest turnaround of season 5 of the show.


The episode where Dan discovers the face of the devil is one of the most important of Lucifer Season 5. And the least that can be said is that this discovery traumatized him.

Besides, you should know that it was Michael, the evil twin who revealed the truth to Dan. The latter therefore took the news very badly.

Indeed, he even attacks Lucifer and shoots him in his apartment. Mike Costa then explains why it was time for Dan to find out the truth.

First of all, he said that we all already knew that God was going to make his entry into the series. Only we did not know when!

The argument between Lucifer and Dan was therefore the perfect time for God to land on the show. “As soon as we knew God was going to make an appearance in Episode 8, the rest of the story unfolded on its own. »He explains to AssigmentX.


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