Lucifer season 5: Lauren German’s salary revealed!


How much does Lauren German earn to star in season 5 of the famous hit series, Lucifer. We reveal to you his incredible salary.

The actors of Lucifer season 5 would make a lot of money. The one who plays Chloe Decker, Lauren German, wouldn’t have much to complain about.

When it comes to money, silence is golden. Indeed, few public figures agree to reveal their salary.

And for good reason, the sums are often huge. So the stars (singers, actors or models) prefer to cultivate the mystery.

However, we were successful in obtaining this information for Lauren German. You know, the one who plays Lieutenant Chloe Decker in the Lucifer series.

So, how much does the pretty blonde pocket? According to the Celebrity Net Worth revelations, the actress would have nothing to worry about at the end of the month.

Especially since his salary was inflated for the filming of season 5 of Lucifer. For only 16 episodes, the one who lends her features to Chloe Decker would earn thousands of dollars.

Specifically, $ 800,000. So if we convert this amount into euros, that makes about 663,000 euros. Please note, this amount only corresponds to the last season.

Indeed, we haven’t heard of everything she’s pocketed since joining the show, available on Netflix.

One thing is for sure, Lauren German would earn a lot more than her co-star Tom Ellis. At a time when women earn less than men, the actress can claim to have turned the tide.


Indeed, the salary of Tom Ellis – also star of the Lucifer series – would not be as substantial as that of Lauren German.

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However, the young man would pocket $ 50,000 per episode, or about 41,000 euros. If you do the math, for sixteen episodes, he wouldn’t earn as much as his playing partner.

In any case, we must not forget that the two stars of Lucifer do not win only these large sums of money. Yes, they also have other income!

So you have to add not only the entries they get for the other roles they’ve had. Namely, Chicago Fire in which Lauren German causes a sensation.

Without forgetting Hawaii 5.0 or Hostel Chapter 2. It’s quite simple: the pretty blonde is one of the hottest actresses of the moment. All the series want to pull it off!

But also all the royalties. You will understand: that’s a lot of money at the end of the month. So neither of us can care about the state of their bank account.

In fact, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Lauren German has a net worth of around $ 4 million.

Which would make, in euros, more than 3 million. So, with the success she spawns, the young woman may well increase her fortune to a few million more dollars in the months to come …


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