Lucifer Season 5: Devil ready to take Chloe to hell?


Will the suspense soon come to an end? Netflix promises Lucifer season 5 soon … And the rumors continue to swell!

How will God end this epic battle? As Lucifer’s season 5 has been stuck for months in the middle of a police station, rumors swell … Will the Devil take Chloe?

Because no, the Devil never lies … So when he’s about to tell his teammate he loves her, he really loves her. Problem, her twin with a broken shoulder, Michael, also arrives at this time …

So an epic battle begins between the Devil and his brother. Among the forces present, Amenadiel comes to support Lucifer, while Maze lines up against his master of always and brings his help to his twin.

Time remains fixed for humans while a divine battle is fought … Until God’s intervention. The one, the only, the Father of all has just arrived on earth. Because he “doesn’t like” when his children fight.

It remains to be seen how he will judge this battle! Will Lucifer therefore have to return to the underworld? Will he have to give up on Chloe when he’s in love with her? The Daily Mail gives its opinion …


As he returned to the Underworld at the end of Season 4, the Devil made his return to earth. His father will perhaps force him to undergo his eternal punishment: to return to reign over this terrible kingdom …

But Chloe could go with him! According to the ideas of fans relayed by the tabloid, the detective could follow Lucifer to avoid another separation … Especially since she still does not know who she is!

She certainly learned that Amenadiel had used her power to help her parents have children. But she can take Devil’s Mojo. He also has no power over her … So she must explore her divine side!

The end of season 5 could thus revolve around the divine part of Chloe … will Lucifer therefore bring the love of his life into his hall? Answer soon, on Netflix … Finally, we hope!


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