Lucifer season 5: could the devil die in the sequel?


The sequel to Lucifer’s season 5 is eagerly awaited by fans. They are worried about the fate of the devil. Lucifer fans will have to be patient in order to see the rest of season 5. In addition, there are rumors that the character of Tom Ellis could die. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Lucifer about to die in season 6? A few weeks ago, Netflix put the first part of the new season online. Thus, fans were able to find Chloe who was heartbroken after the sudden departure of the devil. However, her life was somewhat disrupted by the arrival of Michael.

The Devil’s twin brother made his debut on Earth and has not gone unnoticed. He impersonated the devil, stole his job, and most of all got very close to Chloe. However, the King of the Underworld did not give in and had to return to Earth quickly in order to put an end to his scheming.

Thus, Lucifer could count on Amenadiel as well as Maze to stop Michael. The brothers fought a very good battle, but were interrupted by God. The Devil’s Father has made his debut on the show and no one knows his intentions. In addition, fans will have to wait a long time to find out what this new character wants.

The rest of season 5 is not going to happen right away because of the Covid-19. “The pandemic has ruined our plans,” the showrunners recently said on Twitter. Something to sadden the fans who are just waiting for the return of Tom Ellis. In addition, they worry about the fate of the flagship character of the series.


In order to make fans wait, the showrunners have unveiled some little clues about the rest of the series. However, in doing so, they didn’t expect to cause panic. “Who will say ‘goodbye’ in the penultimate episode of #Lucifer? You have 17 episodes left before you know it, and you better believe that @Chris_Rafferty is bringing you feelings, ”we read on Twitter.

Thus, the production wanted to unveil the title of the penultimate episode of Lucifer. This one is called “Goodbye Lucifer” and the fans are all in turmoil. For them, it is clear that the King of the Underworld will eventually die in the series. So the title doesn’t bode well and it seems obvious the devil is not going to have a happy ending.

Nevertheless, in the face of this wave of panic, Chris Rafferty, one of the writers of the series, wanted to reassure everyone. He hinted that the devil wasn’t going to die in this episode and was rather optimistic. “To those in panic: you have NO idea what this title means. Don’t assume anything, ”he said.

Finally, the Lucifer screenwriter asked fans to “trust them” for the latest episodes. Thus, we can believe that the character of Tom Ellis is not going to die and could have his Happy Ending so desired by the public.


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