Lucifer season 5: check out how it was on Netflix


Netflix released today (Friday 21st), eight episodes of Lucifer’s highly anticipated 5th season, which brings the protagonist, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), having to deal with the arrival of his brother, Miguel, who appeared to try to destroy your life – and take your place.

The first part of the new season barely debuted and has already received several praise from critics and the public. Sites like TV Guide, Comicbook, CNet and RadioTime have already released some of their opinions, praising the program, even if, in a way, the new season is “a little more of the same drama, comedy and emotional weight that fans have come to love ”, As defined by

Lucifer’s 5th season has achieved good numbers on the Rotten Tomatoes website. As of the time of this publication, the new episodes have 86% of critics’ approval – with 7 published reviews – and 95% of public approval – with 20 ratings.

For those of you who haven’t started watching the new season yet, but already want to get in the mood and know what to expect from the new chapters of the Lucifer Morningstar saga, check out a recap of the first episode, entitled “Sad Devil”, or “Really Sad Devil Guy ”, in the original.

Lucifer Season 5 Premiere on Netflix

The first part of the 5th season begins by situating the lives of the characters, such as Amenadiel and the therapist Dr. Linda Martin, being the parents of a half-human, half-angel baby. While forensic specialist Ella takes one more of the “bad guys” to her bed.

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Lucifer shows up at a party on a yacht just to tell a man that he is about to die.

Chloe, Maze and Ella appear at the crime scene on the yacht, where a criminal named Lee Gardner was shot in the chest and had his hand ripped off (and taken away). Lucifer appears in hell welcoming Lee.

Lee wants to know who killed him, while Chloe, Maze and Ella ask the same question. Both investigations lead to Dirty Doug, a man to whom Lee owed a lot of money.

While the investigation is taking place by the detectives, Lucifer takes Lee to his “torture” in hell.

Chloe and Maze discover with Lee’s sister a safe with a biometric reading – that’s why her hand was pulled out.

Chloe takes Meg home and runs into some bandits. Lucifer appears and helps. Chloe kisses Lucifer, but notices that there is something different. “Time passed differently in hell,” he says. However, Lucifer appears in hell, with Lee, that is, it is not Lucifer who is with Chloe.

Remembering that the second part of Lucifer’s 5th season is yet to come. Wait!


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