Lucifer Season 5: Behind the scenes with Chloe revealed!


Netflix has unveiled the very first part of Lucifer sasion 5! At the same time, we discover the backstage of a sex scene …

Lucifer arrives again for a fifth season full of emotions. While fans are on the lookout, we discover the secrets of filming a very hot scene!

New season for Lucifer, with a first part that keeps us going. As usual, the series likes to thrill us with its rich plots.

But also by making our hearts beat while arousing buried desires … Certain sex scenes then seem to us muy caliente!

But what about actresses and actors, like Tom Ellis and Lauren German, who play the role of the Devil and Chloe? We imagine that the atmosphere is torrid on the sets, in short.

Recently, Mike Costa, producer of the series, took a behind-the-scenes look at some of these scenes. This, at the microphone of Assignment X.

The screenwriter tells how he wanted to present the thing to the public, in the series Lucifer. His primary concern: “to make sure that the actors are comfortable”.


It’s not always easy, after all, to shoot a sex scene. Including for the actors of Lucifer, who arrive at its season 5.

We may be in temptation, in the sin with a devil of the caliber of Tom Ellis, it is not necessarily obvious to everyone. “Because they are physical,” he recalls.

Like the action scenes, this requires preparation. “They are actors who physically interact with each other,” he continues.

So there is a lot of dialogue and discussion between the actors of Lucifer. This, to give rise to a real choreography when the bodies of Lucifer and Chloe come together, for example.

“We left nothing to chance,” insists the showrunner. “Tom and Lauren knew exactly what was going to happen at all times, who was going to do what, where the camera was going to be.”


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