Lucifer season 5: Amenadiel danger of death in the sequel?


All fans are waiting for the sequel to Lucifer. But one photo worries everyone about Amenadiel’s fate. And it comes from Professor Linda.

Lucifer fans have been wondering when the sequel will finally be released for months now! But for the moment, the mystery still looms. But a cliché shared by Rachael Harris, Linda, worries about Amenadiel’s fate.

Indeed, remember, the end of Season 5 Part A ended in chaos. The three brothers fought quite fiercely until their father, God (by the way), cut them off. But when time resumed, all three were gone.

Which left Chloe in a rather special situation. Indeed, the policewoman and Lucifer were confessing their feelings to each other. Not the best timing we would say. Anyway, at the moment we don’t know more about the rest.

Showrunners are very discreet about filming information. So we still don’t know when season 5 part B will be released. But Professor Linda’s actress posted a rather disturbing photo in November. What will happen to Amenadiel?


In this photo, posted on his Instagram account, we see Professor Linda in Lucifer’s arms. Except that nothing is right. The young woman is in tears and the Devil doesn’t look right on her plate either. So fans are worried about Amenadiel.

Did the angel lose a fight? Or maybe it is the fate of Charlie, their baby, that is at stake. For the moment, it is still not known whether the baby is immortal or not. A problem that arises when you have the Devil and an angel around you.

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In any case, this photo worries Lucifer fans who are wondering what sauce they are going to be eaten. It must be said that this second part of the season promises to be explosive. Unfortunately, still no news of a potential release date.


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