Lucifer season 5: an actor balances on the end of the series!


Five years after landing in Los Angeles, Lucifer will soon resume its wings in a fifth and final season. What will she reserve?

Favorite series of subscribers, Lucifer however ends soon. 2020 will indeed see Netflix broadcast season 5 of the adventures of the sexiest devil on the small screen. Actor Kevin Alejandro (Dan Espinoza) made a few announcements about this.

Last week, Joe Henderson unleashed Lucifer fans by declaring that he was thinking of a somewhat special spin-off. Indeed, he would follow both the Devil and a flagship character on TV, Constantine. This made it possible to forget for a time that season 5 of the series will be the last. Indeed, Netflix will broadcast this final season in 2020. It will therefore be the end of a difficult, but successful broadcast.

Fans can only hope for an end to the measure of their love for Lucifer. And to believe one of the actors, that should be the case. Indeed, Kevin Alejandro seems confident. Detective Dan Espinoza told the Digital Spy site, “All I can tell you is that I think it will be the end we all fought for.” This is reassuring, finally we hope!

“I have a feeling that Lucifer is developing exactly the way we needed,” he added. “We are lucky to get to the end of the story clearly.” Now that’s fun to read! The series which have a good conclusion are rare. Those that appeal to fans even more.

There remains a problem of size: the length of the series. The first three seasons of Lucifer counted indeed more than twenty episodes. Season 5 will only have sixteen. “Each character is made up of many complexities. The short format of the seasons therefore allows us to navigate towards the important arcs and obstacles that everyone must face, ”retorted Alejandro. So we just have to wait!


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