Lucifer: Rumors that the cast is not in good condition

Lucifer has followed its dynamic for five seasons to where it has developed with the entire cast praised for their chemistry on the series, but fans who love the show might wonder if this continues off-screen as well.

In behind-the-scenes videos, photos, and past interviews, it certainly appears so. Co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich revealed that Chloe’s star German makes everyone laugh a lot on Lucifer.

The cast also seem to be very supportive of each other on social media. This includes when it comes to birthdays when Lucifer stars often wish their co-stars a happy day.

In addition to this dynamic, it is also clear that Ellis and German are also good friends. Throughout the Lucifer seasons thus far, the pair have been nicknamed “muffin” and have a mocking work dynamic.

This is evident in an interview they both gave during the second season of Lucifer. German jokingly said: “I find Tom Ellis very attractive” message that Tom Ellis responded very eagerly.

Tom Ellis replied, “I find Lauren German very loud … and attractive!” Showcasing the great chemistry between the pair and the entire cast, Lucifer fans can be reassured by conflicts between the actors.

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