Lucifer: Real-life father and daughter who were together in the Netflix series


If ever there was a show that developed a “ride or die” fandom in record time, it would be Lucifer. From its debut in 2016 to its finale in 2021, when fans tried to save the show, the show wowed viewers with its mix of action and humor. The story focused on the titular Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) who, bored with his life in Hell, decides to make Los Angeles his permanent residence. While on earth, he meets LAPD Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) with whom he forms a partnership and friendship.

Eager Lucifer fans have been waiting since last year for Netflix to deign to release the second wave of Season 5 episodes. Finally, the streamer set the premiere date for May 28, 2021. The final episodes of the fifth delivery of Lucifer were very familiar. At the beginning, the fans witnessed the presence of Almighty God and father of Miguel, Lucifer Morningstar and Amenadiel, who shared an intimate dinner.

Lucifer Season 5 Part B showed viewers how that dysfunctional relationship between father and sons and supernatural siblings developed, ending with the king of darkness taking his father’s place by becoming God.

While the plot of Lucifer season 5 focused on the familiar, behind the scenes things went more or less similarly. Tom Ellis’s daughter shared the film set of the series with her father by appearing in one of the scenes.

Tom Ellis and his daughter Nora on the set of Lucifer Season 5B

The appearance of Nora Ellis was very special in the fifth season of Lucifer. It was die-hard Tom Ellis fans who took notice of the Netflix show’s main star’s eldest daughter. Viewers following Tom Ellis spotted Nora flashing into the 56th minute of Lucifer season 5 episode 15, making this moment another familiar reference in the Netflix show.

Now that Lucifer has reached his conclusion, fans have had a chance to see and digest his ending. While it still seems like many viewers have issues with the way the Netflix show ended, with particular resentment over how a certain character’s arc ended, the series remains one of the platform’s most-watched and most successful.