Lucifer: Michael intends to secretly help the devil twin?

Shock! There is a new theory on Lucifer season 5: Michael would have a secret plan to help Lucifer find forgiveness …

Good news for fans of the Lucifer series! Some followers have decrypted season 5 of the show and found how Michael intends to secretly help his twin!

Info or intox ?

Remember, Lucifer Morningstar aka Tom Ellis battled his evil twin brother Michael in the final season of the awesome Netflix series! But a new theory has suggested the devious villain might actually have an ulterior motive… Shock!

Netflix has yet to release the highly anticipated second half of Lucifer Season 5! Fans of the show therefore have plenty of time to concoct their own theories on the next upcoming episodes. Without surprise !

And as the series finale approaches, some believe that Michael (also played by Tom Ellis) may have something more in store for his twin brother, Lucifer. Indeed, some “Lucifans” believe that the devil’s twin brother may have entered his life to increase his chances of finding a place in paradise.

At the very beginning of season five, Michael, the twisted twin, came to Los Angeles to ruin Lucifer’s life. So far, Michael has managed to turn not only friends but also colleagues like Dan Espinoza against him!

But that’s not all ! He also almost tore up his relationship with Chloe Decker … Even if it’s hard to imagine he’s actually doing all of this to help Lucifer, zoom in on the fan theory!


Clearly, Michael has wreaked havoc by pretending to be his brother since his arrival! But some fans still think that his intentions may be pure… Shock!

On Reddit, a fan offered a number of clues that loudly suggested that Michael came down from Silver City to help his brother find forgiveness. So he highlighted a number of key moments from the past two seasons!

Remember when Lucifer was mistaken for his brother by Anders Brody! He later claimed that Michael helped him find his own forgiveness.

But that’s not all ! Lucifer has confided in Chloe or his psychologist Linda Martin several times that it was difficult to forgive himself for his past crimes …

Most fans are therefore unanimous! The series is preparing for the long-awaited redemption of the devil and Michael will have a role to play!

One fan wrote, “What if Michael’s ‘biggest plan’ was to help Lucifer forgive himself?” Before adding, “Don’t ask me how everything that he has done can be part of this ‘plan’, but it would make sense for Michael to step into Lucifer’s life at that point. “



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