Lucifer MBTI®: Which character matches your personality type?


After initially saving the series from network cancellation, Netflix ended Lucifer in 2021. The show focuses on Lucifer’s desire to live on Earth after ruling his Hellish kingdom for thousands of years, as well as the humans and demons that surround him.

Watching mortals and immortals come face to face in a routine police trial creates a dynamic and memorable set of characters. Each of them continues to develop more or less realistically, managing to surprise viewers after dozens of episodes. After two cancellations and numerous attempts to save the show, fans got to know the characters pretty well. Everyone has a favorite, but their personalities can be studied through the prism of MBTI® typing.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on August 4, 2022: after the release of the last season of “Luxfier” in 2021, it became one of the most watched programs of the year according to the Netflix script. Both old fans and new members of the streaming audience were curious about how the show would complete its storylines. One of the most interesting aspects of the series was the observation of celestial beings, such as Lucifer and Amenadiel, who adapt to life on Earth. The different personality types of Lucifer’s characters influenced how they approached life among humanity, and this is also true for new characters like Rory introduced at the end of the series.

Ella Lopez: ENTP, debater

Ella, who joins the series in the second season, is easily perceived as an extrovert, as she feeds on the energy of the people around her and quickly comes into contact with them. When Ella finds herself forgotten or ignored, her own mood plummets. However, Ella is not just an extrovert, she fits very well into the personality of the Debater.

Although some consider Debaters to be debaters, this is not the case. They pick up small details quickly and explain things easily. Much of Ella’s ENTP character is demonstrated in her reconstruction of the crime scene and her explanations of the evidence for the team.

Rory Morningstar: ISFP, Adventurer

Rory is a big surprise to viewers in the final season of Lucifer, as she travels back in time to the past, bringing a new source of conflict to the series. She becomes a driving force in season 6, and she’s best suited to the ISFP personality type. Adventurers are often considered free spirits, floating with the flow of life. While Rory knows she can’t give up much of the future, she can go with the flow in the past, adapting to her new situation pretty quickly and fitting into a family that doesn’t know her yet. She also retains her personality despite being among people who don’t know her well, which Adventurers often excel at.

Rory has Introvert traits and Feelings in large quantities. Despite the fact that she wants to be close to her family, when she feels uncomfortable, she needs time alone. Similarly, she is a sensitive soul, able to see when her presence complicates the lives of others. Rory just wants to feel like she has a place in her dad’s life.

Charlotte Richards: ESTJ, Supervisor

If someone is extroverted and purposeful, easily understands other people and prefers clear answers, he may be most like Charlotte.

An influential attorney, the real Charlotte Richards (and not a vessel in the form of Charlotte Richards, which the Goddess was on earth) is independent and self-confident. She has many classic extroverted traits: it’s easy for her to communicate with people and warm with those she cares about. These Observational traits mean that she can always read a room and is usually a good leader. Fans know from the moment she introduced herself again that she’s going after what she wants. Her Thinking traits allow her to find loopholes perfectly, which makes her an excellent lawyer, but her Judgment traits mean that she prefers order and clarity.

Goddess: ENFP, activist

Fans with good intentions but a short temper may identify more with Lucifer’s mother, the Goddess of all creation.

Worshippers of the Goddess meet after she has escaped from hell, under stress and sometimes emotionally. In the past, when she created the Universe, viewers know that she was a classic Extrovert — creative, curious and full of enthusiasm. Her intuitive traits mean that the Goddess has a rich imagination, loves novelty and is interested in the future — good traits for those who create universes. She was popular, but as a person with a lot of Feelings, she sometimes had poor practical skills and was often very emotional. After all, she lashed out at people when she was displeased with God. The search traits mean that she adapts easily and can really improvise when she needs to.

Amenadiel: ISTJ, Logistician

As the eldest of the Morning Star angels, Amenadiel is the one God relies on the most.


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