Lucifer: Kevin Alejandro (Dan) has big plans after the series


Kevin Alejandro, unveiled what could be the next part of his career once he has finished quarreling with the devil Lucifer …

There is something new for the handsome Kevin Alejandro! As Netflix prepares to release Season 6 of Lucifer, Dan Espinoza has already started to think about his future plans.

Indeed, his role in the cult Netflix series could end sooner than expected … The death of his character has been predicted by many fans.

A real mainstay since 2016, fans don’t want to see him go … His role-playing game with the devil himself aka Lucifer will be missed if he were to disappear.

But the good news is that Kevin Alejandro plans to come back to our screens (or almost)! Indeed, the star has given an indication of what could happen to the rest of his acting career once production ends on the sixth and final season of Lucifer!

So it was during an interview with Da Man magazine that he confided! Kevin Alejandro has thus indicated that he could make a return to the theater.


In a recent interview, Kevin Alejandro was asked about his ideal project!

When asked, the actor said, “I would love to play the titular character of Macbeth. It’s a role that has always connected me for one reason or another. So I would like to have the opportunity to play it in the cinema or on stage. ”

But that’s not all ! He also explains that “My dream is to do it on film, but I would take every chance I have to play this character.”

Covid demands, theaters have suffered greatly … Yet the grim and cult tragedy of William Shakespeare remains one of the most popular plays to date.

Will Kevin Alejandro see his dreams come true? We keep our fingers crossed for him!


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