Lucifer: Joe Henderson warns Episode 3 will be dark!


Lucifer fans, hold on tight. Joe Henderson, the showrunner of the series, said that episode 3 of season 5 will be very dark …

Season 6 of Lucifer already promises wonders. Impacted by Covid-19, the next season of Joe Henderson’s series will be one of all changes. We explain why.

Indeed, while the second part of season 5 of Lucifer has not yet been released, the showrunner is already talking about season 6. And it will be full of surprises. Just that.

On Twitter, Joe Henderson spoke about Episode 3 of Season 6. And he made some amazing revelations about that episode in particular. Instead, read on.

The latter said that episode 3 will be very dark. ” I’m warning you. Lucifer Season 6 Episode 3 will be very dark. Very dark. The producer tweeted.

A tweet that has made Internet users react enormously. They are impatiently awaiting the second part of season 5 of Lucifer. As the days go by, the wait becomes very long. Very long.

The creators of Lucifer recently announced schedule changes. Which has the gift of annoying fans of the series. They can’t wait any longer …

If the fans wait for the continuation of season 5, the actors are meanwhile on the set of season 6. This next season should mark for good the end of the adventures of Chloe, Lucifer. But also Maze and Amenadiel, and surprises will therefore be there.

Lucifer season 5 Joe Henderson warns that episode 3 will be dark


Joe Henderson has therefore revealed that episode 3 of season 6 is very special for the series. Entitled Yabba Dabba Do Me, the latter was entirely written by the showrunner.

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Very discreet about the sequel to Lucifer, the latter did not focus on this episode. He simply warned the Lucifans on social media.

While waiting to discover season 6, Lucifer fans will have to wait. They can always re-watch the old seasons. Before Netflix announces the second part of season 5.

So it’s been over six months since Lucifer fans discovered the first part of season 5. So they keep asking Netflix when the second part will be released.

For the moment, the online streaming site has not responded to many requests from fans. “So we’ll keep you posted when we release Part 2.” Patience. », Wrote the official account of Netflix on Twitter.

“Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the show’s schedule has once again had to change. We are sorry. », Wrote the creator, Chris Rafferty on Instagram. The Lucifer series is not the only one running behind schedule.

Indeed, the Riverdale series has experienced schedule delays. And she’s not the only one. The filming of season 2 of The Morning Glory, the series by Jennifer Aniston, has just started in Los Angeles. That is to say…


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